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We're passionate about software.

And we think you should be too, because writing software is awesome. At its core, the art of programming is all about problem solving — whether that's structuring a complex computer graphics simulation, or figuring out how to automate some actions in a spreadsheet.

Learning programming skills, however, is not easy. It's no secret that a lot of educational programming resources on the Web really suck. To excel at programming you actually need to understand programming. "Well, Duh!", right? It may sound obvious, but it's also something that a lot of people seem to forget. Instead, many resources gloss over the details to make the content easier to understand. We're not scared of details here though. On the contrary, we embrace the details. Sure, that might mean you get stuck from time to time, but challenging ideas you've been taught and working through problems you encounter are invaluable in aiding understanding.

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